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Jul 02, 2021

Seek the “Quality Goods and Sigil Magic” in Update 2 of Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy


From Press Release:

2 July, 2021 – The second major update for Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy, the ambitious roguelite RPG with the tabletop feel, will be released later today for Early Access players on Epic. The update introduces over a hundred new magic and item effects, and gives trade a significant upgrade with a variety of improvements, including the introduction of Unexplored 2’s own version of a trader’s mule (seen in the art above).

Unexplored 2 Game Director, Joris Dormans, explains how the latest changes further enhance the player experience by giving them many more viable choices in the way they choose to build their characters:

“Now you can find and craft unique equipment that supports your style of play, or help you against some specific challenge that stands between you and the goals you set for a particular run. There are hundreds of new effects. Between the way they are spread across different items and the way they can combine, the possibilities are larger than we can even calculate.”

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Here’s what’s included in ‘Update #2: Quality Goods and Sigil Magic’:

  • 100+ new magic sigil effects for well-made items
  • Well-made items appear more often in the game and now include armors, all types of weapons, and a larger variety of wands and staves
  • 80+ individual positive and negative qualities for weapons, armor, jewelry, and gear. These qualities affect their use and value
  • Your starting gear can have positive and negative qualities and always includes one well-made item
  • More traders appear in towns and they offer better goods
  • Some traders offer services to repair or identify items
  • NPCs drop items more often when you defeat them
  • Fewer items are marked as legacy items
  • Spirit pearls are used to recharge magic items that have charges
  • More options are offered when you can learn a new skill
  • Serpent Spheres: a new utility item that allows you to enter the Serpent Path from anywhere in the world
  • Impalas: a new type of creature that can be found roaming plains
  • The taskmaster in Haven always offers you to suggest an ‘other task’

Alongside the new content and gameplay enhancements, the update will also include a number of bug fixes.

Get it on EGS: