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Jul 12, 2021

1047 Games showcases three new maps for Splitgate’s upcoming Open Beta and relaunch

From Press Release:

Discover Splitgate’s newest maps in Crag, Foregone Destruction, and Impact!

New maps, new skins, entirely revamped graphics and tweaked animations and brand new loadout options have coalesced to bring the baddest, biggest update to PC players and introduces the game to console fans for the first time.

Players looking to jump in can start strategizing early as the above video explores Crag, Forgone Destruction and Impact. The short video drops walkthroughs, helpful strategy tips, lore and gameplay on each – and fans are treated to another look at the stunning graphical update hittingĀ SplitgateĀ on the 27th.

Splitgate is a FREE-TO-PLAY, sci-fi themed, competitive multiplayer shooter featuring a portal combat mechanic delivering high-flying and fast-paced combat. Splitgate is releasing on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with Cross-Play on July 27th, 2021.

Splitgate’s Open Cross-Play Beta will be available on both console and PC starting July 13th!

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