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Jul 29, 2021

Frozenbyte’s space MMO, Starbase enters Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

Helsinki, Finland, July 29th: Frozenbyte launches the eagerly awaited space MMO Starbase on Steam Early Access. After over a year of Closed Alpha testing, the persistent universe of Starbase is ready for players to experience the incredible destruction mechanics, elaborate simulations and freedom to conquer the vast galaxy using their creativity and wits. By forming alliances and building spaceships, factories and stations, players are invited to start settling the vast untamed Starbase universe.

Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvärinen commented on the launch: “Early Access is here! We are incredibly excited to launch Starbase in Early Access after more than a year in Closed Alpha. The game is still in an alpha stage as we are missing features and gameplay loops, but our vision is starting to come together and it’s time to open up the game to the whole community! We have an Early Access promise of 2-3 updates every month, and as outlined in our roadmap, we will introduce major new features like Capital Ships and Station Siege to the game in August-September. See you in the stars!

The Early Access version of Starbase allows players to design, build & modify spaceships, explore the universe, form social connections, and earn money by mining, gathering, crafting and selling resources. The players can start building their home stations and begin the expansion of the Starbase universe.

Big Features Coming Soon to Early Access

Details about the August and September updates, as well as the whole 2021 Roadmap can be found below.

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After a short period of tranquil mining, ship and station designing and building, as well as relatively small scale pvp engagements, the post-launch period will quickly start to heat up. The August updates will introduce Moon Bases & Mining and the massive-sized Capital Ships, while the September update that introduces Siege Mechanics will send the world into full-scale calamity, as player stations will become fully destructible and capturable.

Complete 2021 Roadmap (Click to open the full sized image)

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