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Nov 02, 2021

Giants Uprising smashes onto Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

Warsaw, Poland, November 2, 2021 – VARSAV Game Studios is very pleased to launch its fantasy adventure game, Giants Uprising on Steam Early Access for $USD 19.99, along with a 10% launch discountPlay as a powerful Giant who breaks free from captivity, and seek revenge on the humans who enslaved your race. Use your gargantuan size to stomp, squash, and smash the puny humans who stand in your way, and satisfy your appetite for destruction as you pulverize everything in your path.

Accompanied by your human guide, Kielbasa, carry your wrath and lust for revenge to the oppressor’s settlements. Reclaim your freedom, learn what happened to your enslaved kin, smash your enemies, and be the spark of the Giants’ uprising. The time for vengeance has come!

With the game now available, VARSAV Game Studios plans to continue improving and adding content to the game as they work their way to full launch in 2022. VARSAV plans to add new maps, game mechanics, enemies and more in the coming months, and will provide details and updates to the Giants Uprising community through its Discord and social media channels. See the roadmap graphic for details.

You can order the gargantuan Limited Early Access Edition of Giants Uprising, available to fans worldwide during the game’s Early Access period. This special edition includes amazing items like a squeezable stress sheep, a “morning massacre” scented candle with a decorative holder, a t-shirt (available in non-giant sizes), and, of course, a game code to enjoy Giants Uprising. Order your Limited Early Access Edition of Giants Uprising here before time runs out!

Game Features

  • Feel what it’s like to be a powerful, fearless Giant who crushes everything that stands in his way.
  • Terrify people and stand ankle-deep in their blood. Show people who is the most powerful Giant out there.
  • Discover an emotionally gripping tale of two outcasts—Rogbar and Kielbasa. Help them get revenge, stir an uprising, and rescue the Giants.
  • Conquer your foes in challenging battles. Use primitive weapons and elements of the environment to overcome their military might.
  • Revel in the pure pleasure that comes from extreme destruction, as you flatten every single building in your wake.

For more information, visit and follow Giants Uprising on Discord and Twitter. Buy the Early Access version now on Steam.