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Nov 11, 2021

The Divine Rite update for Blightbound descends from the heavens with an offline mode and new character today

From Press Release:

Ronimo Games’ dark and stylish multiplayer dungeon crawler Blightbound has been blessed by The Divine Rite, a free update introducing the righteous new character Seer Rook alongside a flood of new features, items and rewards.

Players can now take the battle offline for the first time and brace themselves for bigger and bolder challenges than ever before. Summon the exalted priest Seer Rook to your ranks – a grizzled harbinger of holy havoc – and call upon Sun’s Essence to create a beam of spiritual healing around you and your allies and unlock the Zealous Reward – a powerful blast that decimates enemies while healing friends. The greater the cure, the heavier the blow.

The eternally intimidating Blightrifts expand their presence with more unique and dangerous challenges that will push your heroes’ skills in combat, quick thinking and puzzle-solving to their limits.

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