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Nov 24, 2021

Post Scriptum “Armoured Update” airdrops in today, discounted for the Steam Autumn Sale

From Press Release:

24 November 2021 – Developers Periscope Games are thrilled to today launch their long-awaited ‘Armoured’ update for their collaborative, immersive WW2 tactical shooter Post Scriptum.

With this injection of overhauled tank and ammo mechanics, brand new game modes and quality of life changes, this completely free update, alongside a whopping 75% off in the Steam Autumn Sale, makes now the ideal time for new recruits to try out the world of Post Scriptum, and for returning solders to report back to the battlefield.

As a collaboration-focused WW2 shooter, Post Scriptum prides itself on its extensive and diverse role system that allows players to decide between getting their boots muddy on the front lines, or taking a more overarching, strategic approach as they command their fellow troopers to success. To that end, this brand new update completely showcases an immersive, cooperative tank-driving system unlike anything seen before.

For players looking for brutal realism, and a more detailed glimpse into the mechanics behind Post Scriptum‘s battlefield and historical accuracy, Periscope Games have also released a more in-depth look at the mechanics behind this armoured overhaul in this dynamic trailer. New and returning players are also invited to try out the game’s shooting range – a brand new environment to test, play and experiment with Post Scriptum‘s extensive weapon locker.

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Regarding the release of the much anticipated ‘Armoured Update’, Community Manager/Assistant Producer Henrik Christensen stated that, “The Post Scriptum Armoured Update encompasses a 10-month long journey to rework our armoured system from the ground up.

We put heavy emphasis on advanced simulation aspects of playing armour while doing our best to integrate it within a dynamic and changing gameplay environment.”

CEO and Lead Developer Romain Ferchat added, “The release of this update is an exciting milestone in the history of Post Scriptum. And I speak for both myself and the entire development team here at Periscope Games when I say thank you!

“Especially to our loyal players for staying with us through all these years and hopefully many more to come, but also to both new and old players, we hope you will join us in the trenches, through the mud and on the battlefields of Post Scriptum.”

As with all Post Scriptum updates, the ‘Armoured Update’ is completely free to existing owners. New players can also grab the game for 75% now, as part of the Steam Autumn Sale.