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Apr 06, 2022

Die After Sunset receives its first Early Access update today, with two more planned

From Press Release:

PQube (London, UK) – 6th April 2022 – PQube and developer Playstark are pleased to release the first of the big Early Access updates to rogue-lite shooter Die After Sunset!

Die After Sunset is a 3rd person roguelite with a unique light and darkness mechanic; enemies get stronger in the shadows! In a race against the inevitable sunset, it’s up to you to tool up with an astonishing array of items, gadgets and weapons to help you take down colossal Murkor bosses! But remember, death is not the end – for every defeat will only make you stronger. Collect Mukus from the fallen Murkors and cash it in, back at base to empower yourself for your next run!

Die After Sunset – Update 1 features:

  • Brand new level  – Visit the icy village of Yggdrasil and aid their fight against the Murkor threat.
  • New Items – Tool up with brand new items like the ‘Pocket Shield’ and ‘Fire Drone’!
  • New Boss – Something evil lurks at the heart of the village… Be careful once sunset comes around…
  • Bug Fixes & Game Balancing – Huge amount of bug fixes, game balancing and unlocks; with submachine-gunning cyborg ‘Rido’ available to play straight away!

More to come! Multiple updates adding everything from co-op gameplay to brand new characters and levels are all planned for the coming months.

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This is just the start!

Our early access release is just the start of plenty of things to come. Over the next three months we will be adding new levels, characters, items, missions and constantly tweaking Die After Sunset with the help of community feedback. Join our Discord to give your feedback and help shape the future of development!

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New Character – New Items – Fixes – Item Balancing

And then… there were three. Brand new character ‘Hune’ joins April and Rido to make for three playable characters to choose from! Hune’s playstyle is different… to say the least. Keep an eye out in March to learn a little more about her!

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The Final Level – New Missions – New Murkor – Fixes – Item Balancing

In May, you’ll go head-to-head with NegaMurk…

The alien creature that is responsible for the attack on Earth. Take on the game’s final boss in a brand new level that’ll test your skills to the limits.

To make matters worse, a brand new Murkor-type plagues the map. Luckily, you’ll have a new batch of missions to help power yourself up to help tackle this new infestation!

Die After Sunset

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