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Apr 11, 2022

METEORA developers Big Boot Games is having a Closed Beta for their shooting star game

From Press Release:

April 8, 2022– Independent development studio Big Boot Games is launching the closed beta test of the arcade-style action game, METEORA on Steam on the 20th of April.

METEORA is about the rush of combat racing at unbelievable speed, space chaos, old-school arcade-style fun, and a lot more. Set in the agitated, nascent universe a few billion years into making that you experience as a Meteor trying to Survive this constant Action.

In METEORA, travel between space-zones, maneuver your way through relentless space using your skills & power-up combinations of your choice. Dodge, Chase & Takedown other meteors. Gain new abilities & Face Major Space Events. Create Meteor-showers, Decipher Electromagnetic mazes, and SURVIVE the journey!

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Inspired by the imagined Universe of classic space movies’ and science documentaries, METEOR has an art style that is a mix of realism and fantasy. The environment design across all levels presents a balance between space hell and calm.

free-to-play demo of METEORA is currently available on Steam. The full version of the game will be released in 2022.


  • Dodge – You are not alone and death is a constant looming threat. But fret not, look out for the rear-view markers and dodge your way out of the other meteors closing behind you.
  • Chase & Take-down – chase & plan your take-downs one-by-one before the other meteors can take you down.
  • Possess & create your own meteor-shower to destroy your opponents all at once!
  • Customize your meteors-shower formation to maximize the damage and increase your chances of survival.
  • Unlock, upgrade, combine power-ups & Abilities to conquer the journey. Strategize power-up pick-ups and combine them in real-time.
  • 50+ levels of hell and calm – experience A Fraction Of the Universe each Level. Test your skills and instincts with harder difficulties of levels and unlock hidden boss-challenges.

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