Apr 13, 2022

Spiderweb Software announces Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor for PC and mobile this Fall

From Press Release:

April 13th, 2022 — Spiderweb Software, Inc., makers of retro role-playing excitement for 28 years, announces the second chapter in their unique Empire-building trilogy! In Q3, 2022, we will release Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor, a fantasy role-playing adventure for Windows, Mac, and iOS. Queen’s Wish 2 had a great Kickstarter, and our backers will soon receive the results of their generosity.

You are a child of the dread Queen of the mighty empire of Haven. Alas, your life of happy luxury has been stripped from you. The Queen, your mother, is desperately ill, so you have been forced to travel to the savage Rokaj. It is a poor and brutal land of warriors, constantly prone to rebellion.

You find yourself in the middle of a vicious power struggle, between your masters back home and the raiders and assassins of the wilderness. A rebellion is brewing. If you can’t prove yourself and master the wild Ro, it will be a bloody disaster. Can you take control of your Empire’s lands? And what will you do with them once you have it?

Explore a vast nation full of cities, forts, and dungeons. Fight clever, carefully designed turn-based battles. Deal with misbehaving vassals with bribery, diplomacy, or violence. Build new forts and customize them, choosing among upgrades that give your adventurers powerful bonuses.

Decide whether to serve the Empire or free its unhappy servants. Be warned, though. Whatever plan you make, the temptations to turn away from it will be cunning and constant.

Pick up Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor on Windows, Mac, and iOS.

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