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Apr 21, 2022

Makers of Abandon Ship are making a first-person defense game with SENTRY, coming in 2023

From Press Release:

SENTRY is an action-defense first person shooter where you defend your spaceship against a relentless alien threat. Use traps, turrets and environmental destruction to repel invading hordes and engage the enemy in fast-paced FPS action across a dynamic singleplayer or co-op campaign.


  • Earth has fallen… the last remaining ships make their attempted escape. As a member of the SENTRY Defense Program, you have been woken from stasis to protect the precious human cargo as your vessel flees across space.
  • A desperate defense: Your ship is under siege from a near-insurmountable alien foe. You must choose where to make a stand in a dynamic campaign with the enemy attacking in varying strengths across different ship subsystems. Will you decide to destroy a smaller force, preventing them from seizing a crucial subsystem? Or risk facing overwhelming odds thwarting a larger enemy thrust, blunting their main advance?
  • Intruder alert! As the alien intruders target individual subsystems, they seek to destroy power cores or escape to new parts of the ship. Your SENTRY must stop the enemy by bringing to bear an arsenal of potent ranged weaponry. Even with the best shooting abilities, holding back the hordes is only possible by deploying traps and turrets – and if all else fails, utilizing environmental destruction to stem their advance; a well-timed blast door slamming shut could buy you the time to set up new defenses.
  • Battle alone or bring allies to the fight: SENTRY features a singleplayer campaign with the option to have an online friend fighting alongside you in co-op.
  • Victory at all costs: Should your SENTRY fall in battle, death is not the end. Another member of the crew will be woken from stasis by the SENTRY Defense Program, ready to continue the fight. Even if you fail to defend a level, defeat only changes the strategic landscape in the dynamic campaign, forcing you to make new decisions on where to make your next defiant stand. As long as a surviving SENTRY retains control of important subsystems, your skills in combat mean victory can always be grasped from the jaws of defeat.
  • Modern Action-Defense: SENTRY aims to carve out its own path in the Action-Defense genre by pitting a powerful FPS character against intelligent enemies. Deployable traps, turrets and environmental destruction supplementing their attempts to survive a dynamic campaign where defeat doesn’t mean a replay, it shifts the battles to new levels. There will be multiple short and replayable campaigns with persistent upgrades to use on future runs. These offer a ‘narrative victory’ (for those who like to complete a story), with a primarily singleplayer focus that can also be enjoyed in co-op. All of this while evoking the feeling of a desperate defense against insurmountable odds – because although you may lose some battles, you will win the war.

Wishlist on Steam now, the SENTRY Defense Program needs you!

Developed by Fireblade Software: