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Apr 25, 2022

Planet recolonization odyssey Ragnorium disembarks from Early Access today with 1.0 release

From Press Release:

Uncompromising planet recolonization simulator Ragnorium is finally ready to begin its epic journey out of Early Access today as it reaches 1.0. Created by developer Vitali Kirpu (Pixel Piracy), Ragnorium entered Early Access in 2020 and has spent the last 18 months being enhanced and improved by community feedback. Now players can enjoy the fruits of Vitali’s labor with this vast and long-awaited update.

Ragnorium tasks players with leading a small group of cloned colonists on their pioneering journey into the harsh outer reaches of space, building a self-sustaining society while attempting to survive an oncoming Holy Crusade.

Developer Vitali Kirpu’s iterative design process allowed Ragnorium to benefit from rapid feedback and guidance from the community about the overall direction of the game and its mechanics – something that helped produce significant changes in the private Earliest Access phase.
Now complete with more colonist types, six planet maps, randomized items, new resources, characters and boss encounters, Ragnorium 1.0 welcomes players old and new to challenge their colony management credentials.

The introduction of Zenlike Mode gives players a more relaxed onboarding experience, granting them a generous window of tranquillity before Ark Holy Crusade invasions are introduced and the difficulty begins to rise. Hardcore Mode, on the other hand, is a relentless and unforgiving mode for only the pluckiest pioneers.

Discover more about Ragnorium at and follow @ragnorium on Twitter for more insights into cloning, space colonization and our thoughts on utopian interstellar societies.

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