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May 04, 2022

Sword & Solace update for Northgard is the biggest to-date for the Norse strategy game

From Press Release:

Bordeaux, France – May 4th, 2022 – Shiro Games, the French indie studio behind Northgard, releases today one of their biggest free content updates yet for their popular Viking strategy game.

This update, named Sword & Solace, addresses and improves numerous aspects of the game, with a particular focus on UI, the Multiplayer experience, the Military aspects of the game, and clan balancing.

New features from this update are: 

  • UI Rework: Northgard menus had some inconsistencies regarding the way the information and choices were presented.Sword & Solace introduces a new way of accessing the different game modes, making it easier to access & create custom games.
  • Multiplayer revamp: Rework of the Glory Point system. It is now allowing players to reach 1000+ GP Introducing a new tier: Gemstone (between Gold & Rimesteel). Players will only be allowed to enter a lobby if heir GP is in the same range as the host’s GP.
  • Military Rework: the way the Military Path works has been completely shuffled, adding new skills and passive traits. Some examples of these addition:
    • Armed Wing of the Clan: Warchiefs benefit from all weapons forged 
    • Garrison: Players gain access to a new building: the WatchTower. It scouts nearby tiles and produces Military XP. Its upkeep is less important than Defence Towers. 
    • Hold the Line: Players can now place spike walls in a tile that will deal damage when an enemy tries to engage combat. The forging costs of military upgrades have also been reduced from 10 iron to 5 iron. 
  • Clan Balancing: Important changes were done on the clan balance following the thousands of feedback Shiro Games got in the beginning of this year’s survey. Some example of these changes are:
    •  The clan of the Stag now has a new unique unit: the Einherjar which attack power is based on the player’s fame.
    • The clan of the Horse seemed to have only one viable strategy, the overhaul balance of the clan has been changed in order to have more possibility in mid and late game.

All the information about this update is available in this Steam article.

Find more information about Northgard here, learn about Shiro Games’ next projects on their website here or follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.