Jun 01, 2022

Knockout City, dodgebrawl game leaves EA and goes free-to-play with the launch of Season 6: City of Tomorrow today

From Press Release:

Good morning, brawlers! It’s a new dawn in Knockout City, and the game has never felt more “free.” That’s right, Knockout City is now officially free-to-play with today’s launch of Season 6: City of Tomorrow. With more than 10 million downloads to date, now is the perfect time for new players to start their dodgebrawl journey and for current players to invite friends to join their Crew!

In City of Tomorrow, the Super-Science Symposium (S3), the greatest technological showcase of all time, is back in town and scientists from all over the world are gonna be showing off their wildest inventions. New tech always means new toys for brawlers to throw down with, which means players can expect a whole lot of amazing stuff to come out of this smarty-pants convention, including a new Special Ball, updates to the hideouts, new crew vehicles, a new Brawl Pass featuring an Among Us crossover, exciting new events and so much more.

New content coming to Knockout City Season 6 includes:

  • A New Ball: Boomerang Ball – This slick cyan dodgeball will be showing up in the Special Ball rotation beginning today. If players get a hit, it flies back wings-out and ready for another throw. If they hit a wall, they get another try. If no teammates are around, they can pass it into a solid surface and it’ll bounce back with Overcharge. But they’ll need to watch out, because all that charge can be caught by other players and turned against them.

  • Hideout Updates – Welcome to the new and improved Hideout! Players will find some new distractions to keep their crewmates busy between matches, from minigames inspired by soccer and basketball, to new ways to decorate and show off your Crew pride, new audio tracks for your jukebox, and several new locations to hang.

  • Concept Cars – Crews can show they’re on the cutting edge by rolling up to brawl in a brand new crew vehicle type. These showy prototypes first seen at S3 have got some serious futuristic vibes. Players can find several new crew vehicles in the Brawl Shop, Brawl Pass, and elsewhere in the City of Tomorrow.

  • Starfruit Special Energy Drink – Players who try the newest Energy Drink on the menu, Starfruit Special, are granted Bonus XP for one hour every time they hit with a Special Ball. It’s the Energy Drink of choice when playing Party Team KO since it’s Special Balls all the time.

  • League Play Rewards – In League Play, players brawl alongside the best and the brightest in Knockout City with Team KO rules. Players will earn City of Tomorrow’s best rewards for climbing the ranks. Every tier from Bronze to Diamond will net end-of-the-Season rewards such as Player Icons, Holobux, Energy Drinks, Style Chips, and exclusive cosmetics only unlocked here… not to mention a shiny new trophy to proudly display in your Hideout’s trophy case.

  • Brawl Pass – After a brief sabbatical, the Brawl Pass is back and chock-full of cosmetics to unlock, as well as a highly entertaining Among Us crossover. By earning XP and clearing Brawl Pass Contracts, players earn a massive collection of professorly pizazz only unlockable during City of Tomorrow. Players can put their Holobux towards the Premium Pass to unlock a wider selection of cosmetics and more Contracts to help accelerate their unlocks.

  • New Street Rank Tier: Chrome Street Rank – An all-new tier of Street Rank has been added to the very end after Diamond Level 100 – we’re calling it Chrome Street Rank! Every brawler in Knockout City now has an additional 100 levels of Street Rank to earn XP for, unlocking Holobux, Style Chips, Energy Drinks, and brand new Chrome rarity cosmetics!

  • Season 6 Roadmap – And there’s so, so much more coming in the City of Tomorrow! Just take a peek at this schematic for the next couple of months. We’re kicking off today with our City of Tomorrow launch event, followed closely by Heroes Reborn. We’ve also got Royale Party and this year’s completely-revamped totally-new Heatwave event to look forward to, capping things off with Midnight Madness!

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