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Jun 09, 2022

Vikings return in Helheim today with the new season of medieval MMO, Conqueror’s Blade

From Press Release:

9 June 2022 – The new Season of Conqueror’s Blade is here with a trailer featuring the talent of Colm McGuinness (Critical Role) and Julie Elven (Horizon Forbidden West).

Medieval tactical action MMO Conqueror’s Blade from Booming Tech launched its 12th Season as a free update today. Conqueror’s Blade: Helheim opens a new seasonal campaign which is inspired by sea-faring Viking raiders and includes two types of units, reworked maps and other unique content.

Julie Elven, soundtrack vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist is well known as a soloist to major video game themes in Horizon Zero DawnHorizon Forbidden WestLeague of LegendsWorld of Warcraft – LegionHearthstone and more. Now lending her talent with amazing work on the trailer for this Viking-inspired Conqueror’s Blade Season. Her partner on this work was a no less than famous composer and YouTuber Colm McGuinness who wrote the music for the hit roleplaying series: Critical Role. The trailer turned out to be very deep and emotional. About the video voiceover process, the musicians shared in an exclusive interview, which can be found on the Conqueror’s Blade official website.

Colm McGuinness Interview | Julie Elven Interview

New units. Players can unlock two new types of units: Varangian Guards are the defenders of the royal family of the Kingdom of Empyros, and wield swords, shields, and axes to great effect. Handsomely compensated for their efforts, they deterred any threat as they fought their way through the North. Huskarls are Harald the Slaughterer’s personal guard and are considered to be among the most formidable warriors in the Northlands, and an inspiration to their comrades. The longer their Skald’s Song is sung, the greater its effect on their movement, attack rate, and armour penetration is.

Reworked maps. Today users can deploy their Viking raiders to battle in legendary Broch Eastray (June 9). Moreover, two more locations will be available soon: Aurelian (June 27), and Heilung Fjord (July 18). The third map of the season will come with all-new rainstorm weather. Rain will pour down with thunder and lightning wrought by Thor himself.

More information about the Season you can find on the official website.