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Jun 12, 2022

PC Gaming Show: Shiro Games reveals two new games, and updates for three available ones

From Press Release:

Bordeaux, France, June 12th: After months of hard work, Shiro Games, the French indie studio behind hits like Evoland 1 & 2, Northgard and Wartales and its publishing label Shiro Unlimited announced their latest news at the PC Gaming Show. The French developer and publisher will be launching content updates for three of their titles, and adding two games to their publishing arm, Shiro Unlimited.

First, Shiro Unlimited took the PC Gaming Show as an opportunity to unveil two new games:


In Abyssals, a new Survival City Builder developed by OverPowered Team from Madrid, players will build their underwater colony and survive in an inhospitable environment, and always be on the lookout for light. To expand their colony, they have to grow their electrical system to explore and scavenge the scarce resources the planet has to offer. Danger lies in the deep, hidden in the dark. Release date to be announced.

You can already wishlist the game on Steam here.


The gravely unsettling Decarnation is a story-driven horror game developed by parisian studio Atelier QDB. Players will meet Gloria, a struggling cabaret dancer dealing with the fraying of her relationships, career, and self-esteem while living in a phantasmagorical world of dreams and nightmares. Solve cryptic puzzles, fight disturbing enemies, and face the most terrifying monsters from the darkest parts of your soul.
Decarnation is planned to be released in 2023.

You can already wishlist the game on Steam here.

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On Shiro Games’ side, Dune Spice Wars revealed a glimpse of its new Multiplayer mode to the PC Gaming show, allowing up to 4 players to fight against each other in 2v2 or Free For All battles or team up against AI. This feature will be available this summer.

Early Access roadmap with new factions and major updates to come is still available here

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Meanwhile, Open-World Tactical RPG Wartales’ will receive a new cooperative update during the summer Early Access. It will allow 2 to 4 players to share food, gold and camp with their friends but also split their group up to cover more ground. Players still need to be careful with their approach and placement, as both are critical for the whole group’s strategy.

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5 years after its initial release and with almost 3 millions copies soldNorthgard is still offering fresh content, and will be receiving a brand new solo adventure, taking place shortly after the events of the first campaign. After Ragnarök has decimated the lands of Northgard and long standing alliances have been broken, our Vikings are forced to flee the continent they learnt to call home and arrive on unknown shores. There, they’re confronted by unfamiliar faces in a dangerous new realm. This update will be available this winter.
Info and assets here.

More details about Shiro games can be found on the official website, on the steampage or on the official Twitter account.