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Jun 14, 2022

Update 6 for Satisfactory heads to Experimental branch on PC with visual updates, improved Spire Coast map, and more

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From Press Release:

SKÖVDE, Sweden – June 14 2022: Coffee Stain Studios is excited to introduce Update 6 of its galactic factory-building simulator Satisfactory to Steam and Epic Game Store’s Experimental branches. As the game progresses towards its full launch, this is the first in its new, iterative update style that welcomes a number of gradual and impactful changes to the game. Ahead of its Early Access launch, the Experimental launch of this update sees world updates, with a new coastal area available and visual overhauls, improvements to hand equipment and Molecular Analysis Machine (MAM) progression, as well as creature updates and map improvements.

In-Spireing Scenery
Kicking off Update 6 is perhaps the most significant world change to Satisfactory since Update 3, introducing the all new and improved Spire Coast. With the towering vertical terrain, Pioneers are challenged to build across the area navigating the spires and accessing the oil nodes located throughout the territory. A number of visual updates accompany this area, with a large cliff wall separating the Spire Coast from the Dune Desert receiving a full visual overhaul and creating a plateau ready to be built upon. The Swamp’s full vegetation and atmosphere have also been upgraded to create an ‘icky’ environment for pioneers to navigate.

Fun with guns!
With improvements to UI feedback for switching hand slots as well as a newly implemented holster interaction, Update 6 brings upgrades to the player’s experiences with handheld equipment. On top of that, newly added ammunition types are introduced for all the Pioneers ranged weaponry, with a wide range of dangerous tools including the Pulse Nobelisk, the advanced homing ammunition for the rifle. Oh, and a mini nuke… These new ammunition types extend throughout the different research trees in the MAM, which has seen balance tweaks done in response to this introduction. Finally, Update 6 enables players to equip almost all Body Equipment at the same time with multiple slots.

Creatures of (new) habits
Across Massage-2(AB)b, there are three distinct new Spitter variants, who have adapted to their separate environments, as well as a minor variant for the new Forest Spitters who have developed a better camouflage to hide within the red forests. Alongside the visuals updates rolling out in this first wave of Update 6, there are also behavioural changes introduced, with a new AI system underway to provide more variety in creature behaviour.

Maps, radars and lists
Rather than being unlocked through the MAM, the Map is now available in Tier 1, and has been upgraded. Markers will take the place of Beacons, as well as Stamps which are available to highlight interest points on the Map and in world and an updated interaction menu. Radar Towers now come with additional functionality, including a set radius that highlights resource nodes, a list of exploration rewards and regional wildlife that can be found in their area. Finally the To-do List has been upgraded both visually and in functionality, with customisable written notes as well as the added ability to take personal, private notes as well as a global notes for multiplayer sessions.

Update 6 will be updated gradually, with changes and content released into Experimental down the line as it is finalised. Satisfactory Update 6 is now available on Steam and Epic Games Store in Experimental branches of the game.

Update6 1090x1800 Presskit Logo

About Satisfactory:

Satisfactory, Coffee Stain’s first game since Goat Simulator, is a vast first-person factory builder set on an exotic alien planet. Playable for 1-4 players, Satisfactory focuses on space exploration and the freedom to build complex, unlimited structures. Satisfactory launched in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 19th 2019.

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