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Jun 30, 2022

Pixel strategy turn-based RPG Songs of Conquest reveals Roadmap to 1.0 Launch


From Press Release:

SKÖVDE, Sweden – June 30th, 2022 – Hear ye, hear ye! Coffee Stain Publishing and Lavapotion have hereby revealed the early access roadmap for Songs of Conquest, detailing many community-requested updates and features coming to the turn-based tactical RPG during 2022 and beyond.

Songs of Conquest launched into Early Access in May this year, inviting players to embark on epic fantasy adventures in the land of Aerbor, battle against friends in complex turn-based combat, and create quests of their own through the game’s map editor. Now, developer Lavapotion is pleased to present the game’s Early Access roadmap, which you can see below, or find on the website here.

In the very near future, players will see multiple multiplayer improvements such as the fan-suggested inclusion of simultaneous turns, the ability to control hostiles during combat and more opportunities for gameplay during an opponent’s turn. What’s more, Songs of Conquest will be adding campaign difficulty settings, as well as a new skirmish map. The game is also being localised into more languages – Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Turkish.

Coming later in 2022, a random map generator will be making an appearance to add some chance and mystery to players’ adventures, enhancing Songs of Conquest’s replayability. Additionally, more Wielder spells, unit traits and abilities are also planned to add spice and diversity to combat. Last but not least, a brand new single player campaign will be introduced this year, with a second one coming in 2023. These campaigns will revolve around the trade nation of Barya and the barony of Loth, expanding the game’s lore.

And there’s so much more in store for this year and beyond! The game will receive continuous improvements to AI, UI and UX, and importantly, new Skirmish maps! This isn’t everything that’s coming however – the roadmap can and will change as Songs of Conquest’s early access period progresses.

“We’re excited to finally reveal some of the updates coming to Songs of Conquest in the near future,” said Carl Toftfelt, Lead Designer at Lavapotion. “We’re so grateful for all the fan feedback we’ve received since the games’ Early Access launch. I’d like to encourage everyone in the community to stay in touch too – this roadmap is a living document that we’ll continue to update as time goes by, and we want to continue delivering great content that players really want all the way up to the 1.0 launch.”

Songs of Conquest’s early access roadmap can be found here. Read more about Lavapotion’s thinking behind the roadmap and Early Access in the community Steam post here.

The game is available on Steam Early AccessGOG and the Epic Games Store. Find the official press kit here.