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Aug 31, 2022

Torchlight: Infinite enters third and final Closed Beta Test on September 5th, get a look at the gameplay in new trailer

From Press Release:

XD Games, Shanghai | Aug 31, 2022

The long-running and beloved Torchlight franchise is about to make a long-awaited return, with Torchlight: Infinite. The game is developed by XD Inc, who are happy to announce the game’s next official closed beta, which kicks off on September 5.

The game represents a continuation of the Torchlight story: is developed with Unreal Engine 4 and features extremely diverse builds; gameplay focused on dungeon crawling and hunting for treasure and loot; and regularly updated season-based content, allowing gamers to truly put pure, loot-based fun in their pocket.

Torchlight: Infinite to return to fans for its third, and last, closed beta 

The test starts at 7pm PST September 4, 2022 at and runs through to 7pm September 18 PST. (Or 3am BST September 5 2022 until 3am BST September 19 2022.) Feel free to download it at the official website on PC or TapTap & Google Play on Android. Since it’s an open test for everyone, all you need to do is download to get your hands on it.

Torchlight: Infinite will present fans with a true, loot-based ARPG experience; while Unreal Engine 4 enables the game to combine the classic series gameplay with high-quality graphics. A deep, powerful skill system allows players to create a rich variety of character builds for you to try out in a beautifully imagined and rewarding game world.

Customise your BD with INFINITE possibility

In this test, Torch Light Infinite will offer six classes, 24 talent trees and more than 240 skills. You can choose three skill paddles from different heroes and classes to build your own unique way to fight. Not only that, you can also modify your skill up to 5 times with support skills.

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Take mage Gemma as an example, you can use the warrior’s iconic Whirlwind through class talent customization and support skills. What’s more, with “Cast on Critical Strike” skills you can make Whirlwind unleash spell shockwaves, fantastic right?

Tons of skills, talents and high customisation, with these powerful tools you can create your own unique playstyle. You can choose continuous fullscreen AOE attack to make it easy, Lifesteal Whirlwind which cuts through hordes of monsters like nothing else, or you can let dozens of your summoned pawns do all the dirty work for you. There are countless builds to be found and enjoyed.

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In Torchlight: Infinite, there are no boring boundaries or so-called one-trick playstyles. With unique gear and a massive amount of perks, there are infinite possibilities which offer some insight into the Infinite part of this game’s title.

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No cooldown No problem

To maximise your looting experience, Torchlight: Infinite is designed with no skill cooldowns.

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With that in mind, no cooldowns and fewer combat rounds delivers a smooth and swift combat experience. You will be able to clear dungeons unhindered even in the early game, so don’t worry if you are a newcomer, continuous legendary drops and level-ups will fill your pockets with loot — and your gamer heart with joy.

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Torchlight: Infinite’s final closed beta is available September 5. Lots of bonuses and perks await. If you like loot-based ARPGs, this is a game you simply can’t miss.

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