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Aug 31, 2022

Trail Out gets a release date, and it’s coming to PC via Steam next week for eruptive action racing

From Press Release:

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] San Diego, CA — Publisher, Crytivo, and developer, Good Boys, are excited to share the release date for the explosive racing game, Trail Out.

Trail Out, a fun and intense destructive derby festival, will release September 7th at 8am PDT.

Imploding cars, flying (and screaming) drivers, hype from fans, and unseen destruction around the entire track – it’s all waiting for you in Trail Out.


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We’re proud to share that Trail Out has NVIDIA RTX integrations that will not only enhance your game experience, but will deliver more realistic graphics as you race for the win.


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Play out the story of racer Mihalych and claim the festival’s main cup by defeating your opponents in unique battles.

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Build cars from the ground up, upgrade your garage, improve your vehicle, and damage your opponents cars to incomprehensible pieces of junk.

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  • 35 cars (differing classes, years, and conditions)
  • 35 different locations
  • 7 different modes, ranging from racing and derby to crazy stunts
  • Boss system and unique battles within arenas
  • Collect cars from scratch in a junkyard and upgrade them to perfection
  • Fan system – your victories are their victories!
  • Adrenaline music during races
  • Simple storyline with main character, Mikhalych
  • Stunning graphics and physics
  • Game support and content updates

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