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Sep 01, 2022

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis announced, RPG-RTS sequel lets you build up your own cemetery – heads to Early Access this year

From Press Release:

Become an Undead King and raise undead warriors from the remains of your enemies. Use your army of undead warriors to rebuild Necropolis after the vile attack conducted by the living. Take back your land, free the undead souls and secure the future for the undead. Undead Horde 2 is a necromantic action game with elements from RPG, strategy and hack’n’slash.


The first Undead Horde is one of 10tons’ best selling titles and it was decided we should create a fitting sequel. Enhanced minion creation mechanics are the main gameplay improvement when compared to the first Undead Horde. In the first game the player can only raise as minions exactly the same units the player killed, but in UH2 there’s a lot more freedom: The player can raise any unlocked unit from the enemy remains. This results in a more controlled experience from the gameplay perspective as the player can fine tune the army composition as desired. In addition to enhanced minion mechanics the player will rebuild the Necropolis and the choices made there will affect the gameplay as well.


  • Raise undead warriors of your choosing from enemy remains
  • Command undead armies of over 100 units
  • Rebuild the Necropolis and unlock new talents, new upgrades and new powers.
  • Find and unlock nearly 20 unique undead minions
  • Level up and become the savior of Necropolis
  • Conquer the world and save the undead souls


Steam page: