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Sep 02, 2022

30XX receives invading NPC, Boss Rush mode, and secret endings in the last major update before 1.0 release

From Press Release:

30XX, the sequel to developer Batterystaple Games mega-roguelite platformer 20XX which has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands, brings one last batch of jumping and shooting action before its full v1.0 release next year. The Rival Update adds in a multitude of fan-requested features via a Steam Early Access patch today.

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The Rival Update adds an insidious invading NPC named Delta that attacks protagonists Nina and Ace through stages, aiming to bring early ends to the robo-heroes’ runs.

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Sometimes it’s not just a fight Nina and Ace’s rival challenges them to. Take on more daring modifiers bestowed by Delta throughout the rest of a level for extra rewards as well as sweet bragging rights

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Even fans looking for expanded lore receive a revamped story campaign with five hidden, conditional endings to uncover (with more to come). Similar to the F through Z endings of Nier Automata, only the most dedicated of sleuths can find the required actions to uncover the alternate future.

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30XX is available now on PC via Steam Early Access with a full launch coming to consoles next year.

For more information about 30XX, please visit the official website, join the community on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord, and search for #30XX on social media.