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Sep 09, 2022

Clanfolk’s seventh update in Early Access affectionately adds cats alongside the unaffectionate rats

From Press Release:

If you’ve seen highlands-themed colony builder Clanfolk and thought “you know what, we need more cats and rats” then we have some excellent news! The hit Early Access management game has just received its biggest update to date that introduces not only cats, but also rats!

The suspiciously titled ‘Cats and Rats’ update is the seventh since Clanfolk launched into Early Access in July, and brings plenty of new content, optimisations, and quality of life improvements. This update is so expansive, it had to be delayed because of the “complexity of the cat AI” and the fact that rats were present in “overwhelming numbers” in earlier versions.

Here is a summary of just some of the improvements in the Cats and Rats update:

  • Rats
  • Cats, to catch the rats
  • The ability to tame the cats that are catching the rats
  • New scenario titled ‘The Hermit’ which involves a lot of cats
  • Improvements to the Clan bloodline mechanics, including marrying off unwanted relatives and the ability to remarry
  • Optimisations, especially for running large homesteads
  • Countless bug fixes, tweaks, and cat-related things

You can read more about the specifics of the update, including a changelog, here.