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Sep 09, 2022

dotEXE 029: The Wonderful World of Disney games!

Your weekly serving of dotEXE is here and the boys got Disney on the brain this week! We talk a little about Saints Row, the TMNT Cowabunga Collection, Starcraft Remastered: Cartooned, and a little introductory thoughts on Disney Dreamlight Valley! Eric even goes into a little bit of some time using Paint 3D while they both reminisce on their Gamefly history.

This week’s topic: The Wonderful World of Disney games! What are your thoughts? Let us know! Leave a comment or send us an email at dotEXE at You can even reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook at @savingcontent.

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Discussed: #SaintsRow #TMNT #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #CowabungaCollection #Starcraft #Disney #DisneyDreamlightValley #Walle #MickeyMouse #ScroogeMcDuck #Gamefly #VideoGames