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Sep 21, 2022

Battlegrounds is a new multiplayer mode for Songs of Conquest today, Early Access roadmap updated


From Press Release:

Coffee Stain Publishing and Lavapotion are very excited to announce the next update to their hit early access turn-based strategy game, Songs of Conquest!

The new mode, called Battlegrounds, will allow players to thrust their armies straight into the heat of combat to test strategies, skip the building and expanding, and get right into the action. Here’s the information on the new mode, as well as an update on Songs of Conquest’s journey through Early Access:

Since its release in May 2022, Lavapotion have been hard at work growing Songs of Conquest, adding new content and putting a focus on community-requested features. So far, some of the highlights include adding:

  • Difficulty levels to the Song of Stoutheart and From Ashes campaigns
  • Simultaneous turns in multiplayer and controlling hostiles during combat
  • Loads of balance changes and gameplay tweak
  • New language localisations

Development is still ticking away behind the scenes, and Lavapotion now has an updated roadmap to share. While some priorities have changed due to development constraints, there’s even more content on the way to look forward to – including new skirmish maps and the single player Loth and Barya campaigns coming early next year!

For the rest of 2022, players can look forward to a map editor UI/UX update, as well as the much-requested random map generator and more combat, multiplayer, and accessibility improvements.

Before all of that, however, is the brand new multiplayer mode, Battlegrounds. In this mode, players will jump directly into battle against an AI or human opponent, with either a pre-made or user-made army. No adventure, just pure combat – the perfect way to hone your battle strategies! This mode arrives in Songs of Conquest on September 21st.