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Sep 21, 2022

Tribute Games celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Wizorb with a Switch release on October 6th

From Press Release:

Tribute Games first ever title Wizorb is coming to Nintendo Switch

For its 10th Anniversary, the Game that Marked Tribute Games’ Genesis is Coming All the Way Back from 2012 to the Nintendo eShop

Montreal (Sept 21, 2022) – Developer and publisher Tribute Games today announced that Wizorb will be released on the Nintendo Switch on October 6th to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary. The brick breaking adventure comes to the Nintendo eShop for $4.99 USD, bringing its classic arcade action to a Nintendo console for the very first time ever!

A love letter to the action arcade games of yore, Wizorb is set in the Kingdom of Gorudo. The once peaceful land was cursed by demons, leading to the mystical disappearance of the king! Cyrus, the wisest wizard in the land, is Gorudo’s only hope for salvation! Throughout their quest, players will save the kingdom by breaking bricks and busting brutes by using the secret art of Wizorb. Over 60 levels of enemies and obstacles will challenge players seeking to free Gorudo! Hidden doors! Monstrous adversaries! Magical powers! Horrible curses! Be ready for what is unleashed in the brick breaking world of Wizorb!

“In 2011, when Jean-François Major, Justin Cyr and I founded Tribute, we started to work on what initially was a simple game idea with an interesting twist, taking it from a fun and promising concept to a fully-fledged game”,  said Co-Founder and Game Director Jonathan Lavigne.  “Building a company on top of that was a lot of work, but Wizorb was the ideal first game for us to tackle; it was reasonable in scope and its design defined what would be known as the ‘Tribute Games house style’”.

“Wizorb holds a very special place in our hearts”, added Tribute Co-Founder and President Jean-François Major. “As our first Tribute title, we set out to showcase that we were serious and capable of making games our way. And today, thanks to the Switch’s features, we feel the game found its true home”

Wizorb features:

  • Classic arcade-style block-breaking gameplay set in a vibrant RPG setting;
  • Various magic spells to help you destroy blocks and foes;
  • Over 60 levels in 5 different Fantasy Worlds;
  • Epic boss fights;
  • Multiple ending and;
  • Character animation by Paul Robertson.

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