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Sep 22, 2022

Mythic is a pixel art MMORPG roguelike from Abyssal Studios coming September 29th to Steam

From Press Release:

Discover a world packed with puzzles, enemies, bosses, and treasure. Join forces with fellow heroes to hunt down the gods, or strike out alone and be the first to discover uncharted territory. Become Mythic.

We here at Abyssal Studios are big fans of the MMORPG and Roguelite genres. 2 years ago we decide to create a game that was a unique fusion of the two, incorporating our favorite elements from each.

Mythic is an online dungeon crawler inspired by Realm of the Mad God and the classic Zelda games. It’s packed with challenging combat, puzzles, loot, boss fights, and more. Everyone plays in a shared online world where you can party up to tackle epic boss fights and navigate the maze world together.

True Exploration

The world of Mythic is an infinite labyrinth that extends in all directions and is separated into five elemental biomes: air, water, earth, fire, and order. Each room in the world is a new, procedurally generated challenge filled with challenging puzzles and winding mazes. Mysteries are scattered throughout Mythic.

Massively Multiplayer

Navigate a shared online world by adventuring alone, with a few friends, or with anyone you meet along the way. Harness five unique skill trees, each reflecting the power of the five elemental biomes of the world, as you make your way through the maze.

Roguelike Elements

Prepare for challenging combat and gameplay that will lead to frequent and punishing deaths. Each elemental biome in Mythic is designed as a self-contained roguelite. Death will return you to the start of the biome you are currently exploring. There is no permadeath; complete a biome to unlock new abilities and areas.



  • A shared online world where you can adventure solo, co-op, or with a large squad
  • Innovative procedural maze generation where every room is a brand new challenge and no two puzzles have the same solution
  • Addictive gameplay loop with epic boss fights inspired by the classics and mind-bending puzzles to solve
  • Engaging minigames with active global leaderboards
  • Multiple elemental skill trees and 70+ unique items to build and customize your character
  • Mysteries and hidden items scattered throughout the world, all waiting to be discovered

About Abyssal Studios

We are two best friends here at Abyssal Studios. As passionate gamers first and foremost, our guiding principles are to make the game that we always wanted to play. Mythic is that game for us – a passion project that we created and have been working on for more than 2 years.

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