Sep 23, 2022

Closed Beta announced for Block N Load 2, sign-up on Steam for the team-based hero shooter

From Press Release:

Stockholm, Sweden – September 22, 2022 – Toadman Interactive today announced the start of the Closed Beta program for Block N Load 2, an all-new team-based, PVP hero shooter. Players can sign-up now on Steam to participate. The closed beta program will run from Fridays – Sundays on a set number of weekends moving forward. Each beta weekend will allow players access to certain characters, maps and in-game rewards. All details can be found on the Block N Load 2  Steam page.

In Block N Load 2, players will have to think fast on their feet in arenas where they must build, destroy and fill with traps, teleporters, boosters and more to survive! No two matches will ever be the same as players use resources they gather to change everything and anything in any given level. Each team is encouraged to work together with a well-rounded mix of heroes to make the best use of each unique character’s classes and abilities. In addition, what further makes Block N Load 2 a one-of-a-kind experience is that players will be able to create their own arena to their liking – whether its more traditional and tactical shooter level design or something completely unique – the players will have a chance to fully explore and showcase their vision.

Additional Block N Load 2 features will include:

  • Fun, Unique Heroes with Character and Charm: Choose from a hero roster that suits your playstyle and allows you to help your team reach victory in the battle.

    • A roster of fun and funky heroes gives you the opportunity to find one that suits your playstyle and allows you to help your team reach victory. Whether your forte is to attack, defend, heal, snipe, or support, there will be a perfect choice for you to experiment with.

  • Dynamic Build, Destroy and Survive: Build with over 40 different types of blocks to dynamically change the level in real-time to make every match unique.

    • Shooting is just the start!  Tunnel, destroy, attack, defend, construct, and shoot to thwart your enemies. Your every move and decision will impact the game, oftentimes with devastatingly chaotic results. Better think fast on your feet.

  • Create Your Own Arena: For those aspiring game level designers or building aficionados, create your own arena with the map editor that uniquely showcases your own experience to share with the community  .

    • Block N Load 2 is a toolbox for you to bring your own vision to life. Try your hand at the map editor and create the next legendary multiplayer masterpiece. There is nothing quite like it!

  • Unique Game Modes: Whether you’re controlling, defending, attacking, capturing, building, or destroying,each game mode will always feel different from the last.

    • With unique variants of king of the hill, capture the flag, elimination, and base defense, whether you’re controlling, defending, attacking, capturing, building, or destroying – each match will always feel different from the last.

Block N Load 2 is rated ‘T’ for Teen’ by the ESRB.

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