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Sep 26, 2022

Industrial factory sim with a head start of 5 years of development, FOUNDRY demo next week – comes to Steam Early Access in 2023

From Press Release:

Austria / September 26, 2022 – Following 5 years of development, MEDER Dynamics is excited to announce their factory building sim, FOUNDRY will have its Steam debut at the Next Fest October 3-10! Previously a hit on, FOUNDRY allows players to unleash their creativity as builders and problem solvers in a procedurally generated voxel world. Play alone or with friends in the co-op multiplayer mode, available in the demo during Steam Next Fest.

Inspired by the likes of Factorio and Minecraft, FOUNDRY is a unique first person factory sim where players build, mine, research, and expand, in an infinite voxel-generated world. Landing in one of the many biomes, players start collecting various resources to build machines and craft items. The key to progression in FOUNDRY is automating everything, which begins by constructing machines like Smelters and Assemblers, that produce goods. Set up mining drones, conveyor belts, pipes, and more to accelerate progress and to scale up production!

In order for the factory to thrive, players will need to find creative ways to keep things moving smoothly. A stable power supply is needed to keep the machines running, so energy efficiency is a must. Careful logistical planning is key to ensure everything is connected and operating at peak performance. One loose connection can cause a chain reaction of chaos! In the voxel world of FOUNDRY, everything can be broken down, from objects to terrain, so players can expand their factories anywhere they want. Build a factory surrounded by exotic trees or hidden deep in an underground cave.


FOUNDRY allows for players to experience the game at the pace they like. Spend hours tinkering with parts and planning new expansions. FOUNDRY also has a multiplayer co-op mode that allows players to collaborate on a factory together, or just help out by lending a hand with research.

Key Features: 

  • Factory Base Building: Place and construct foundations, buildings, machines and various other structures to build a functioning factory
  • MultiplayerFOUNDRY can be played in cooperative multiplayer and although there is no player limit, we recommend 2-4 players based on the current content.
  • First-Person 3D: Traverse a 3D world in first-person, with the ability to jump and sprint
  • Stylized Sci-Fi Theme: Explore a stylized and futuristic sci-fi world with various biomes like forests, jungles, deserts and mountains
  • Procedural Voxel World: Every new game generates a completely new world. Terrain, vegetation, biome placement and everything else is procedurally generated
  • Research and Progression: At the very beginning, only a couple of machines and buildings are available. The game gains additional complexity and content by using research to unlock advanced technologies.
  • Automation & Logistics Management: Automation is key in streamlining complex crafting tasks to satisfy the demand of items. Machines can be connected by conveyor belts which transport items. The later game introduces pipes and chemical processing machines to automate liquid & gas refining.
  • Crafting: The game has dozens of items and crafting recipes from ores to intermediate components like machinery parts to advanced objects like circuit boards or energy cells.

Ready to start building? Keep an eye out for FOUNDRY’s demo, available during Steam Next Fest October 3-10. The game can be wishlisted now, and prospective builders can hop into the games’ Discord or Twitter for more info and updates.