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Sep 30, 2022

Everything announced during The Elder Scrolls Online’s Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event

From Press Release:

Today The Elder Scrolls Online hosted the Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event livestream, providing players with an extensive look at the adventures included in this year’s final story DLC, FiresongFiresong will be available for PC, Steam, and Mac on November 1 and for Xbox and PlayStation consoles on November 15.

ZOS revealed the Firesong DLC will feature 15 hours of story content which will revolve around a new, unexplored zone, the mysterious island of Galen where players will come across new characters, monsters, and plenty of political turmoil. As this year’s story comes to an end, players will earn all-new collectibles and achievements – including one that challenges players to pet all the animals on the island – and collect unique item sets that can’t be found anywhere else in Tamriel.

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For players who are eager to start their adventure, the Firesong Prologue Quest is now available across all platforms for anyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online, with no previous DLC or Chapter purchase required. In the Firesong Prologue, players will begin a tale that will bring this year’s Legacy of the Bretons saga to its exciting conclusion.

ZOS also revealed the secret bonus reward for The Heroes of High Isle in-game event. If the community achieves 100% of The Heroes of High Isle challenge, with progress tracked on the website, the Firesong DLC will be unlocked for free for all High Isle owners across all platforms. More information on this in-game event can be found on the ESO website here.

Firesong will be available for PC, Steam, and Mac on November 1 and for Xbox and PlayStation consoles on November 15. For more information on Firesong and everything announced during the Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event livestream, please visit the ESO official website as well as the ESO official Twitter and Instagram channels.