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Oct 03, 2022

Luck be a landlord on October 20th when The Tenants exits Early Access and enters 1.0


From Press Release:

Cracow, Poland – October 3, 2022 – After undergoing several renovations since the initial launch in March 2021, developer Ancient Forge Studio and publisher Frozen District are thrilled to announce that The Tenants will be leaving Early Access on October 20th! The road to 1.0 has included many upgrades to this landlord management sim, and the finished product is just on the horizon.

“Despite following our roadmap featuring 4 major updates, we ended up implementing a lot of features and quality of life changes that have been suggested by our amazing community. We’re beyond excited to finally have everyone try the full release of the game,” said Maksymilian Strzelecki, Co-Founder and Technical Director at Ancient Forge Studio.


Speaking about the players who have supported the game over the course of Early Access, Dushan Chaciej, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Ancient Forge Studio explained, “they’ve helped us hone and polish the gameplay direction, and it definitely wouldn’t be the game it is now if we hadn’t decided to go the EA route.”

Included in the 1.0 release will be several new features, including Twitch Integration, new Elite contracts, and voice-overs, but there’s more still to come. Chaciej shared, “one thing worth noting is that by no means is this the end of The Tenants development, we have big plans for the game’s future, and we will share some of them soon enough!”

New Features Coming to 1.0:

  • Voice-overs: Voiced dialogues for Uncle Steve and Elite contracts.
  • Twitch Integration: Allows Twitch audiences to directly impact gameplay positively and negatively in various ways through periodic votes depending on settings set by the Twitch streamer.
  • New Elite Contracts: Five additional Elite contracts across the three districts, including Fortune Teller, Sushi Bar, and Motion Capture Animation Studio.
  • Upgrade System Changes: Utilities, water, electricity, and heating have been removed from Uncle Steve’s tasks and moved into renovation mode.
  • Open House Options: Removed marketing options for open houses and added a feature to target specific demographics to invite to open houses based on gender, age, likes/dislikes, and more.
  • Agent Mechanics: Agents can be used to run open houses for the player and can be sent to training to level up their skills.
  • Tenant Levels: Tenants will gain levels through player interaction with rewards including rent increases, custom archetype items, customized tenant clothing, and many more.
  • New Worker Characters: Three new worker characters, each with unique talents that can affect the game in different ways.
  • Additional Achievements: Over 20 new achievements.


Support the game by buying or gifting The Tenants to friends on SteamGOG, and Epic Store.

Are you interested in joining Uncle Steve in this one-of-a-kind world of providing and handling tenancy? Join us in The Tenants Discord community, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and find out more information on our official website.