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Oct 04, 2022

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind from QCF Design has a demo for Steam Next Fest playable now

From Press Release:

Berlin, Germany, October 4 2022 – PRISMATIKA and QCF Design are pleased to announce that a demo for upcoming bite-sized, tactical dungeon crawler Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is now available as part of Steam Next Fest.

The demo lets willing adventurers explore the first 90 minutes of the game – as they quest to upgrade the kingdom by delving into dark dungeons as one of four starting classes – Fighter, Priest, Thief and Wizard. Each class has its own unique challenges and can be played as one of three Kin (Fighter, Elf or Dwarf). The demo features ten deadly dungeons bursting with fearsome enemies, tantalising treasures, devious puzzles, sneaky secrets, and of course, goats.

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is a 3D remake of the award-winning, bite-sized, tactical dungeon crawler. Founding a new kingdom isn’t easy: it takes cunning, manpower, and lots and lots of gold. How will you pay for the outrageously overpriced taverns and banks? Better descend into the dungeons and steal riches from their deadly inhabitants any way you can.

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Next Fest Demo Features

  • The opening 90 minutes of gameplay, including Kingdom upgrades, with further possible after that

  • Initial tutorial, with three optional additional tutorials

  • 10 deep, dark and dank dungeons to explore

  • Play as four starting classes – Fighter, Priest, Thief and Wizard

  • Three Kin to play as those classes – Human, Elf, Dwarf – for a total of 12 class & race combos

  • Special challenges for each of the four classes

  • Tutorial and Starter puzzles

  • Four Gods to be discovered (but it’ll take work!)

  • …aaaand a whole lot of other items and enemies…

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is scheduled to release in the coming months on PC. Discover everything that earned the award-winning original a cult following: innovative game design, hundreds of hours of content, daily online challenges, the amazing soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope, all the DLC, and more!

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Next Fest Demo is available now. For more information on the game check out the Steam page.

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