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Oct 05, 2022

Watch 7 minutes of gameplay from Koei Tecmo’s beast hunting game, WILD HEARTS

From Press Release:

Welcome back, hunters, to the world of Azuma. EA Originals and Koei Tecmo released today a new gameplay trailer with seven minutes of never-before-seen footage from the upcoming AAA hunting game, WILD HEARTS™.

In this extended gameplay sequence you’ll watch as players attempt to take on the mighty Kingtusk, first alone and then with co-op partners. The trailer provides a better look at Karakuri, sophisticated mechanisms players craft to traverse the world and battle Kemono, demonstrating the flexible and creative hunting grounds of WILD HEARTS.

The majority of the gameplay takes place in the flowery terrain of Hanagasumi Hills, a Spring setting and one of WILD HEARTS’ hunting grounds, each represented by a different season.

WILD HEARTS launches in retail and digital storefronts on February 17, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam, Epic Game Store, and EA App) for $69.99.

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