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Oct 07, 2022

Plaguefall is the title for Season 03 of Deep Rock Galactic, dropping November 3rd

From Press Release:

6th October, 2022 — Today, Deep Rock Galactic enforcers Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games have revealed the details for Season 03: Plaguefall. A rampant disease has struck Hoxxes IV known as Rockpox, and has created an evolved threat within the mines. To safeguard employees braving the new perilous circumstances, Deep Rock Galactic has unveiled a new range of grenades. These will arrive alongside another completely free Performance Pass for miners to work through, and earn a trove of cosmetic rewards.

As an added bonus for the cautious and fashionable Dwarf, the Biohazard Pack will also be available to purchase as DLC when the new season launches.

Season 03: Plaguefall
Deep Rock Galactic is back for another season of free content to unlock, new toys to use, and challenges to overcome. The rivals are gone, but something much worse has taken their place: Plaguefall. Season 03 will see miners working their way through the new Performance Pass, while cleansing Hoxxes IV of its new plague infestation. As the situation progresses, management will be revealing more information about what employees can do about the growing infestation in due course…

Hot Potato! Four New ‘Nades
With new unknown threats, come some new untested treats from Deep Rock Galactic’s ‘creative’ R&D department. Drillers will be able to make mincemeat with their new Springloaded Ripper, complete with three rows of gnashing razorblades. Engineers can enjoy the much more efficient and calculated seeking missiles with tech ‘inspired’ by DRG’s former rivals with the Shredder Swarm. Gunners have one more way to create bullet storms with the chaotic Tactical Leadburster grenade. Finally, Scouts will take a new ‘Boomerang’ inspired Grenade down under, called the Voltaic Stun Sweeper.

Biohazard Pack DLC
We can’t expect Deep Rock Galactic’s valued employees to hurtle into a plague-infested cesspit without the proper protection. Introducing: the Biohazard Pack. Including new armour, helmets and paint jobs, and a fresh look for Bosco to boot. Miners can purchase these new cosmetics when Season 03 drops on Steam on 3rd November 2022.

Deep Rock Galactic is available now on SteamXbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

About Ghost Ship Games
Ghost Ship Games is a Danish game development studio, founded in the spring of 2016 by a group of veteran game developers after years of working together. Ghost Ship Games’ motto is simple: Co-op First. The goal is to take co-operative gameplay to the next level and to make great games, focused on the core gamer. For more information about Ghost Ship Games, please visit:

About Coffee Stain:
Coffee Stain is a game developer, publisher and investor with offices in Skövde, Stockholm, Malmö, Trollhättan and Gothenburg. Founded in 2010, Coffee Stain is responsible for Goat Simulator, the Sanctum Games, A Story About My Uncle, Huntdown, and Satisfactory, currently in Early Access. Coffee Stain is also the publisher of popular games such as Deep Rock Galactic, Valheim, and Midnight Ghost Hunt, made by external developers. To support diversity in the industry, Coffee Stain launched Leveling the Playing Field (LTPF) which offers funding to smaller and start-up development teams where at least half of employees are underrepresented minorities.

To find out more about partnerships and opportunities with Coffee Stain, visit the official website or follow Coffee Stain on TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.