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Oct 13, 2022

The Pinball Wizard bounces its way onto Steam and Switch on October 27th

From Press Release:
October 13th – Victoria, BC – A dizzy dungeon crawling adventure is bouncing onto Steam & Nintendo Switch soon with the impending release of Frosty Pop’s The Pinball Wizard. After already having a raucous initial run on Apple Arcade, the game has been lauded by critics:

“Dungeon crawler meets pinball in this magically addictive experience.”

“The Pinball Wizard is full of stuff like this: it has been conjured with wit and charm.”

A pleasingly upbeat mix of dungeon delving progression and bite-sized arcade pinball action, The Pinball Wizard is a perfect introduction to the mystic arte of the silver ball. Slay some slimes, bend physics to your will with magical abilities, and work those flippers as fine as you can to conquer the tower and set the world right.

The Pinball Wizard will be available on October 27th for both Windows & Mac via Steam and Nintendo Switch for $7.99 USD. Add it to your Steam Wishlist to keep up to date with the game, or you can even preorder the Nintendo Switch version starting today!


About The Pinball Wizard
Oh, young Apprentice! Atop the Mountain of Shadow, at the foot of the castle tower, the wisdom bestowed upon you shall come to pass. A pinball dungeon crawler awaits to test your skill!Ascend the castle tower. Level up your skills. Fulfill your destiny. Become the wizard you were born to be!The Pinball Wizard is a dungeon crawler pinball hybrid, and an arcade adventure game, where the main character is propelled into action by a set of flippers, like the ball in a pinball machine. Each level (dungeon) of the game is a contained area inside a tower. The goal of the game is to survive and get to the top of the tower alive.

Key Features:

  • Tower Mode: Climb a tower with twenty-one levels and defeat the big, bad, boss.
  • Dungeon Mode: Survive as long as you can in a giant dungeon.
  • Two Daily Dungeons: A randomized new dungeon, every day.
  • Upgrade Skills: Unlock and maximize all 16 skills including Dash and Magic Orb.

About Frosty Pop
Frosty pop makes playful original games and things. We’re all about creating fun, genre-challenging, design-focused experiences.