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Oct 17, 2022

The Walking Dead: Last Mile enters the Third Act on Facebook Watch and Facebook Gaming today

From Press Release:

October 17, 2022 – LOS ANGELES, CA and NEW YORK, NY – Skybound Entertainment and Genvid Entertainment announced today that the Facebook exclusive The Walking Dead™: Last Mile (TWD:LM)  Act Three launched today. The groundbreaking The Walking Dead experience has reached its final month. With new story content that unfolds daily and key plot decisions being impacted by the audience, the time has arrived for the final stand in Prosper Landing. TWD:LM is the first-ever entertainment experience to run live across both Facebook Watch and Facebook Gaming.

In Act Two, the brewing conflict between the Plant and the Village spilled over into violence. When Sara’s dogs went missing, she marched on the Village demanding them back, unaware that Tara had let them go. Fed up that the Plant Workers care more about dogs than her son, Marlena was pushed too far and the first shot was fired. Villagers were killed and the Plant Workers were imprisoned. A trial was held to determine the fate of the Plant Workers, but it only made things worse and Abe found himself imprisoned in the Growhouse along with the Plant Workers. Meanwhile, Kate and her hunters discovered the herd thawed from the ice and headed toward the Village! Unable to enact Abe’s plan, Kate makes a risky decision to sneak through the herd in disguise to warn the Village and only time will determine if she has survived.

​With the herd on the horizon and tensions at an all-time high, both communities will have to make choices to overcome their differences if they want to survive. In the Village, disaster strikes even before the herd arrives, leaving leadership in shambles and more death in its wake. At the Plant, Tara and Ladi’s relationship crumbles as Glacier Point appears to be near ready to turn on. They both deal with loss as the pressure of trying to save the community falls on their shoulders.

TWD:LM has also seen a number of improvements to the overall experience and new features added for Act Three, including: ​

  • Survival Mode: In the continually updated Survival mode, players are able to participate in more rewards with the escalating threat of death by rolling random mission objectives and mission conditions. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.
  • New Mini-Game: Grave Digging. As the body count increases, players can engage in this additional activity.
  • In Memoriam: Remembering the survivors that were lost on their journeys.
  • Faction Choices: Understanding the importance of choosing between the Village and Plant factions and contributing to their well being.
  • Spring Maps: New Main, Village, and Plant Maps.


About Skybound Entertainment

Established in 2010, Skybound is a multiplatform content company that engages with creators and their intellectual properties to create cool stuff and deliver one-of-a-kind experiences to fans. Skybound extends their stories across platforms including comics, television, film, video games, tabletop, books, digital content, audio programming, and beyond. The company is home to critically acclaimed global franchises including The Walking Dead, Invincible, Superfight, and Before Your Eyes.

The company maintains key partnerships across the entertainment industry including Universal Pictures and Image Comics, holds a first look development deal with Audible, and has engaged an ongoing strategic business partnership with mobile games publisher and developer 5th Planet Games (OAX: FIVEPG).

For the Skybound Games division, capabilities include publishing, production, and global distribution for video games across all genres, including the multi-million unit selling The Walking Dead video game series. Skybound Games is also a strategic global marketing and distribution partner of Striking Distance Studios for the highly-anticipated survival-horror game The Callisto Protocol.

​For the most up to date information on Skybound, please visit the company on Twitter (@Skybound), YouTube (Skybound), Facebook (@SkyboundEntertainment), Instagram (@skyboundent), and at

​About Genvid Entertainment

​Genvid Entertainment, LLC is a subsidiary of Genvid Holdings, Inc. and the first publisher devoted to bringing massively interactive live events (MILEs) to market. Combining globally renowned brands with best-in-class development, production and marketing, MILEs are a new category of audience driven, worldwide, live events that offer immersive stories with the viewers instantly influencing the world and characters in ways big and small to help decide the outcome and shape canon. The Walking Dead: Last Mile is Genvid’s latest MILE, launched in summer 2022. A number of additional MILEs involving major comic book, TV/film, and video game franchises are currently in production, launching over the next two years, with more to come. Visit for more information.

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