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Oct 20, 2022

Top-down survival horror PvPvE shooter Hell is Others is out now

From Press Release:

October 20, 2022 – LOS ANGELES, CA – A List Games, a community first publisher and Strelka Games & Yonder, two Italian-based game studios, today announced that Hell is Others, an online multiplayer extraction horror top-down shooter, is available to purchase for $14.99 on Steam™.

In Hell is Others, you play as Adam Smithson as he does his best to exist in his tiny apartment, alone, high above Century City. His only companion is a bonsai tree, which he dutifully cares for. But like everything else in the city, his plant requires blood to survive. So as Adam, you must descend into the city to scavenge for resources, engage with an array of interesting characters, defend yourself from monsters, kill or avoid Others, and most importantly, survive the night.

Safe and back in your apartment, use the blood and body parts you collected while exploring to fertilize your plants which will begin to sprout unique bullets that can be used with over 50 weapons found in Century City.  Additionally, decorate and expand your home. Each item you place in your apartment unlocks unique player-benefits that can suit your in-game play style.

“We all put so much passion in Hell is Others”, said Pietro De Grandi, CEO of Strelka Games. “Every piece of the game has been handcrafted, each moment of the story was written to create a deep and intense emotional reaction, and each pixel was lovingly placed to create the world for our players.”

View a Behind the Scenes Look at Hell is Others Development

A multiplayer game, Hell is Others blends an up-to-10 person PvPvE extraction gameplay with customization mechanics and an extended, compelling story set in a gorgeous, surreal, noir 2d pixel art city. It is a slice of life in a nightmare city.  Descend into Century City today and buy Hell is Others on Steam.

Additional information can be found on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Discord.

About the Developer: Strelka Games & Yonder

Strelka Games and Yonder are two Italian-based game studios operating in the industry since 2016. Together they published Circle of Sumo on Switch (2018), Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble! on Steam and Switch (2020), Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind + on Xbox, Switch and Playstation (2020). Their focus is to explore human relations by creating unique multiplayer experiences.

About the Publisher: A List Games

A List Games is a game publisher dedicated to helping developers build sustainable evergreen live service games. As part of The Ayzenberg Group, a full-service advertising agency with extensive experience working with the leading companies in video games, A List offers developers a AAA community-first approach to game publishing and uses the global 250-person team at Ayzenberg to deliver world class publishing and marketing services to its partners.