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Oct 20, 2022

Turtle Beach announces the PC and Xbox-compatible VelocityOne Flightstick, a universal flight stick releasing November 17th

From Press Release:

White Plains, NY – October 20, 2022 – Leading gaming accessories maker Turtle Beach Corporation (Nasdaq: HEAR) today unveiled its all-new, eagerly anticipated Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Flightstick, a universal simulation controller joystick for air and space combat simulation games. Designed for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs, the VelocityOne Flightstick is the gaming flight stick of the future, equipping gamers with immersive, accurate controls for navigating air and space flight sim and combat games. A total of eight axes, including contactless hall effect sensors on the main X&Y axes, provide precise control while two multifunction levers handle main engine power and adjustment of control surfaces. VelocityOne Flightstick’s precise nano trim wheel allows for fine tuning of altitude, and an OLED Flight Management Display makes for easy adjustments. With 27 programmable buttons, a rapid-fire trigger, an integrated trackpad, and Bluetooth® connectivity to its companion app, Turtle Beach’s VelocityOne Flightstick arms gamers on Xbox and Windows PCs with a multitude of controls. VelocityOne Flightstick is available for pre-order now from and participating retailers for $129.99 (£119.99/€129.99) MSRP and launches November 17, 2022.

“VelocityOne Flightstick melds Turtle Beach’s expertise in controller design with the latest technologies to give air and space combat sim gamers a groundbreaking, modern flight stick controller experience,” said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “While our award-winning VelocityOne Flight products continue to impress the flight simulation community, there’s a massive audience of gamers who love air and space flight combat, making the Flightstick perfect for games like Microsoft Flight Sim 2020, X-Plane, Elite Dangerous, War Thunder, Star Citizen, Everspace, and Star Wars flight games to name a few. However gamers want to fly – whether casually, or by the seat of their pants with their hair on fire – it’ll be a better experience with VelocityOne Flightstick in their hands.”

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Additionally, gamers who know there are no points for second place can also download the latest Maverick expansion update in Flight Simulator 2020 and take to the skies flying the same training runs and missions as if they are the world’s gutsiest fighter pilot.

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Full details on Turtle Beach’s all-new, groundbreaking VelocityOne Flightstick include:

  • 8 High-Precision Axes: High-resolution, contactless sensors on the main stick axes (left/right, forward/back, and twist) provide precise response and extended longevity to the main stick controls. A nano trim wheel allows for fine tuning of attitude, and an analog POV hat delivers finite adjustment to cockpit views or strafe thrusters in space sims.
  • Multifunction Throttle & Flap Levers: Throttle levers control main engine power, while flap levers let gamers quickly adjust secondary control surfaces. Plus, swappable throttle tops allow for customization of controls for fighter jets, or airliners.
  • Multiplatform Compatibility: Connect via the included 10 ft/3m USB-C to USB-A cable and play fan-favorite titles on Xbox or Windows PCs with an integrated input mode switch. Optimized for maximum compatibility on each platform, the VelocityOne Flightstick is built for navigating air and space flight simulation & combat games on Xbox and Windows PCs.
  • 27 Programmable Buttons: Equipped with an 8-way digital POV hat, rapid-fire trigger, stick-mounted buttons, dual throttle lever detents, and eight programmable base buttons, gamers are well-armed with controls for their most critical flight functions.
  • Flight Management Display: An integrated OLED Flight Management Display lets gamers tune performance to suit the game being played. Plus, pilots can adjust control profiles, trim wheel input mode, rudder lock and more.
  • Flight Configuration Wheel: Navigate the Flight Management Display and configure the Flightstick using the intuitive rotary dial with click at base of the stick. Browse through the configuration options and update the product performance in real-time with all information stored in on-board memory.
  • Touchpad Navigation Sensor: The touch sensor with precision button press gives full control of mouse cursor functionality, which is ideal for navigating simulation systems, and can also be used for weapon control in popular air & space combat sim titles.
  • Ambidextrous Design: Designed to control fighter jets or airliners, the main stick has an ergonomic, ambidextrous shape with a reversible wrist rest. Plus, with eight programmable base buttons, gamers can set up the controls to their exact preference regardless of which hand is on the controls.
  • Pro-Aim™ Focus Mode: Adjust main stick sensitivity for accurate enemy targeting and precise control of landings.
  • The Turtle Beach Audio Advantage: Connect any 3.5mm headset and take advantage of proven Turtle Beach audio functions like Superhuman Hearing®, EQ modes, Mic Monitoring, and Game & Chat Balance.
  • Xbox Navigation Controls: Effortlessly control your console with licensed Xbox buttons. An additional white LED indicates successful connection and operation.
  • Bluetooth Companion App: Connect tablets or smartphones to adjust product performance on Windows PCs using the Flightstick app available for iOS & Android devices.
  • Adjustable RGB Lighting: Set the color, brightness, and response of multiple RGB LED zones.

For more information on the latest Turtle Beach products and accessories, visit and be sure to follow Turtle Beach on TikTokTwitterInstagramFacebook and YouTube.