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Oct 26, 2022

Move or Die crosses over with Dead by Daylight in “Unhinged” Update today

From Press Release:

Move or Die, the friendship-ruining party game from indie studio and publisher Those Awesome Guys (Monster Prom)  is once again syncing its console content with its PC counterpart. The ‘unhinged’ update delivers a fresh batch of game modes, characters and cosmetics, plus a special collaboration with horror-fan favorite game Dead by Daylight.

The “Unhinged” update is out today on PlayStation 4 and Switch.

About the Unhinged update: 

Move or Die is the fast-paced four-player party game where the rules change every 20 seconds. Over the years, the game has accumulated a massive line-up of game modes, mutators and characters, giving players the opportunity to mix and match mechanics as they please, leading to a gameplay experience that is anything but dull.

 Following their PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch releases, the developers have undergone the hefty task of matching the former PC-only content to their consoles counterpart. Starting today, players will be able to update their game and discover a whole batch of fresh content, including a blood-curdling Dead by Daylight collaboration, new game modes, characters and more – perfect spooky Halloween material!

 Update Features: 

  • New Rare Game Mode – Pandora’s Blast
  • 4 New Dead by Daylight Characters – Jenny, Trapper, Huntress, Blight
  • 3 New Dead by Daylight items – Scratches Trail, Dead by Daylight Emotes, Dead by Daylight Death Splatters
  • Radiation, Loot Grab and Spike Ball game modes now have Dead by Daylight inspired cosmetics
  • New characters added to the Daily Contribution System
  • New Community Collaboration Contest Characters
  • New unlockable “Nature Conservation Day” Character: Beanie