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Nov 01, 2022

Solve puzzles in this life-sim starring a coyote with Lonesome Village – available today on PC, Switch, and Xbox

From Press Release:

Aguascalientes, Mexico, 1 November, 2022 — Play as Wes the coyote, as he investigates the mysterious tower that just appeared in Lonesome Village, out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Series X|S

Puzzle-solving and life-sim meet in a cozy, no-combat, coyote adventure! Uncover the mysterious, magical past of Lonesome Village, and save this town from the hands of evil. This wholesome adventure features mind-bending puzzles, exploration, fishing, and much more to discover as you make Lonesome your home.

Key features:

  • A cozy, no-combat adventure with puzzles to solve, people to meet and a village to rebuild!

  • Solve mind-bending puzzles to gain entry to and make your way up a mysterious magic tower, one dark dungeon at a time.

  • Save villagers from a perilous stay in the tower and help bring them back home to Lonesome!

  • Make Lonesome your home – build relationships with the villagers, earn land in the village then build and customize your house inside and out.

  • Help Lonesome grow by working in your garden and fishing in the nearby lakes.

  • Uncover a detailed and fascinating world full of mystery and adventure.

  • Discover the gripping story of Lonesome’s origins and learn about Wes’ secret past.

Ready to uncover mysteries, solve puzzles and make a home in Lonesome Village? It’s available right now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X|S!

About Ogre Pixel:

Creating fantasy stories in the form of indie video games, Ogre Pixel is an indie game studio based in Aguascalientes, México since 2014. A small team of passionate creators, their mission is to create unique game experiences that can leave a mark.