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Nov 02, 2022

Colony and civilization sim TFM: The First Men enters Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

Indie studio The Gathering Tree are launching their game TFM: The First Men, a civilisation sim based on creation myths from around the world, in Steam Early Access today. The game, which has already gathered over 150,000 wishlists.

About the game:

TFM: The First Men is a richly detailed strategy civilization sim inspired by creation myths from around the globe. Shape your own nascent civilization, grow a settlement, and choose traits for your villagers. Choose wisely, as each decision will echo through history.

Lead expeditions through dangerous uncharted territories. Adapt and refine your combat strategy in real-time battles against monsters from beyond. Experience an epic civilisation sim with the campaign map, get a shorter burst of 4X multiplayer adrenaline in the skirmish maps, or delve into the custom maps for a unique, procedurally generated adventure. Go back to the dawn of humanity and shape mankind’s future!


  • Build your settlement with the help of various paths and crafts.
  • Use countless traits, items, and skills to make the first men in your image.
  • Gather your party to explore outer regions and exploit your findings
  • Fight through dungeons, encounter deadly boss fights, and loot hidden treasures
  • Challenging real-time with pause combat system that rewards strong tactical thinking

This is just the beginning for TFM: The First Men, as regular updates to the Early Access version will be rolled out over the next couple of years, with additional content and fine tuning based on the preferences of the community as well as extensive mod support for even more customisation.

About The Gathering Tree:

The Gathering Tree is a game development studio based in Istanbul, with a legacy of making community-focused, moddable, expandable, replayable, strategically deep, and content-heavy games.