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Nov 07, 2022

Soulstone Survivors is a horde survival roguelike, out today on PC via Steam Early Access

From Press Release:

November 7th, 2022 – The time to face the fearsome Lords of the Void has arrived. Soulstone Survivors from Game Smithing Limited launches into Steam Early Access on PC today for $9.99/£8.99. The heavily anticipated horde survival title beckons players into the void with a whole new perspective on obliterating endless waves of foes.

Marking a significant step forward in horde survival, Soulstone Survivors brings true player agency and variety to the genre. Void Hunters will take the role of 14 available characters, all with their own unique traits and abilities. Mastering characters unlocks the opportunity to wield one of the 20 new weapons. Weapons, traits, and abilities are a great start, but taking down hordes requires skills. From chains of lighting to earth shattering quakes, the Early Access launch welcomes over 140 unique skills to help Void Hunters completely wreak havoc. How players choose to eradicate thousands of enemies in a single sweep is completely up to the hunter themselves.

The Early Access launch also introduces a host of features which brings progression and depth to gameplay. Harness the power of collected Soulstones to upgrade through an expansive Skill Tree and take advantage of benefits across all characters. Looking for an additional boost? Void Hunters can experiment with Runes to further enhance characters and their unique abilities. With all of that power, the Lords of the Void may begin to feel not so Lord-like. Void Hunters can up the challenge with Curses, unique modifiers that will alter runs in interesting and unexpected ways. For those not quite ready for Curses, players can reap the in-game rewards by hunting the dozens of achievements available.

Leap into the Void, annihilate thousands of monsters, and seek the almighty Soulstones. Soulstone Survivors is now available in Steam Early Access for $9.99/£8.99. Early Access is only the beginning of the endless hunt. With an extensive development roadmap, Void Hunters will have much to look forward to in their fight against the Lords of the Void.