Nov 08, 2022

Voodolls announced, a four-player co-op tower defense game coming to Steam next year

From Press Release:

Warsaw, Poland – November 8th – Tate Multimedia proudly announces that Voodolls, by French indie studio SideRift, will be its first title as a dedicated publisher. This step forward represents a new chapter for both developer and publisher as we work together to bring dreams to life.

Voodolls is a four-player online co-op tower defence game that follows four souls escaping the jaws of hell after having their souls placed into four unique voodoo dolls. The Puppetmaster has promised them freedom in return for their help uncovering a truth he desperately seeks.

Spread across a number of unique planets, the dolls will have to explore, learn and master their environment while preparing for their defence of the Puppet master. With a combination of traps, towers, and the doll’s individual abilities, players can craft a number of robust strategies to hold back the incoming hordes of hell.

Voodolls looks to breathe life back into the tower defence genre with a number of features including, but not limited to –

  • The synergy between action, exploration and strategic tower defence mechanics
  • Round planets with their personality and theme
  • Team of 4 characters – Voodolls – each with unique abilities, weapons and battle tactics
  • Solo or online co-op up to 4 players
  • 3 Difficulty settings to ensure every skill level is catered for
  • 3 Camera Modes – Go face-to-face with your foes on the frontline with the first-person camera. Take a step back in 3rd person mode. Plan your moves and defences from an isometric view with the strategy camera mode.
  • An immersive narrative is woven into the DNA of the gameplay

We’re excited to work alongside a talented studio of young creatives who are bringing their dream game to life. Working hand-in-hand and supporting them every step of the way is key to Tate Multimedia’s principles.

You can find out more about Voodolls over on the Steam Page where players can wishlist the game.

We’ll be posting regular updates on what to expect from Voodolls over on Twitter: and Facebook