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Nov 11, 2022

Community-focused city builder Common’hood has released in full on PC via Steam

From Press Release:

Detroit, Michigan / 10 November, 2022 – Plethora Project has officially released its wholesome city builder, Common’hood. Set in an abandoned factory, players need to forge a community within the confines of its walls by designing and building shelters and structures for those who’ve fallen on hard times.

Common’hood is a unique city builder that gives players huge amounts of creative freedom to create and design a habitat like no other, but at its heart is an emotional community management game centered around the people of a neighborhood hit by an economic downturn. With its first-person perspective offering a more intimate experience in comparison to a birds-eye view typical of the genre, Common’hood lets players move and interact with their creations as they nurture new friendships.

Common’hood tasks players to meet the needs of its transient inhabitants. As you forge relationships with those down on their luck, you’ll need to manage their demands alongside the construction of your ever-expanding community. The more you collect, build and interact with those who begin to settle, the more your hub will thrive.

From farming food, creating autonomous robots to lighten the load for your inhabitants or discovering upgrade pathways to expand the scope of your builds, the world and your factory is yours to explore and experiment with. Offering a co-op experience, Common’hood allows players to work together with friends to build incredible creations and share those creations with the community online. Players will also be able to upload their creations to their single-player games for personal use.

Key Features

  • Take care of settlers, form connections, and help them feel like an important part of the community
  • Grow self-sustaining food sources out of a variety of crops which in turn gives access to a variety of recipes to cook
  • Highly detailed building tools allow players to have free reign of their factory. Craft shelters, workshops, and even high tech manufacturing facilities
  • As you scavenge and explore, discover more about the factory and how it came to be abandoned
  • Bring friends along and design and build together
  • Share unique designs with the online community

Set to launch on Steam on November 10th, you can join the Discord to talk with like-minded builders to grab some friends and be part of Common’hood’s own growing community.