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Nov 15, 2022

Post-apocalyptic survival city builder set in a waterworld in Floodland is out today on Steam

From Press Release:

Munich, Germany (November 15, 2022) – Publisher Ravenscourt and developer Vile Monarch are opening the floodgates for the release of survival city-builder game, Floodland, now available on Windows PC via Steam. Set in a world suffering the aftermath of the climate crisis and resulting catastrophic sea level rise, Floodland depicts the hauntingly realistic consequences of mankind’s ignorance. Starting today, players can dive into the waters and attempt to bring hope back to the remnants of humanity.

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“After years of hard work, we’re so proud to finally release Floodland into the world,” said Kacper Kwiatkowski, Director of Floodland. “While the consequences of the climate crisis presented in the game are extreme — as they will be in reality — we wanted the game to retain a sense of optimism amidst the catastrophe. We hope that players all over the world take the opportunity to experience all that Floodland has to offer and take its messages to heart.”

In Floodland, the climate crisis has reached its climax: global flooding and societal collapse. But not all hope is lost! Starting with an aimless group of survivors, you must scavenge resources, rediscover lost technology, and maintain the peace between differing factions in order to rebuild some semblance of a society. Grow and manage your colony, create a meaningful community, enforce the laws, and ensure the well-being of the society you create in the merciless environment. Make important decisions that will directly impact the course of events while managing supplies, clean water, shelter, health, and many more unexpected resources needed for your colony to grow. With your help, humanity can thrive again!

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Key Features of Floodland Include:

  • Endless Waters, Endless Gameplay: Every new game in Floodland is different; maps, events, and the makeup of the world are randomly generated, allowing unique playthroughs every time
  • See a Need, Fill a Need: Building a city is one thing, but your people need more than just shelter. Balance your limited resources, space, and labor to provide them with food, water, medicine, security, and new technologies
  • Laying Down the Law: Define the laws of your new society using the expansive Law-Tree. Can you unite your people behind a common goal, or will your rulings cause even more chaos and rebellion? Choose your path carefully…
  • From Swamp to Shining Swamp: Explore the scattered islands of a flooded Earth in order to scavenge resources and grow your colony. Help who you can along the way while dealing with those who do not share your vision of the future.

Floodland is available now on Windows PC via Steam for $29.99.

To stay up to date on the impending apocalypse, be sure to follow Floodland on Twitter and Instagram, follow Vile Monarch on Facebook, and visit the official website.