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Nov 17, 2022

NHL 23 receives Cross-Platform Matchmaking in rolling phases starting today

nhl23 crossplatformmatchmaking

From Press Release:

The excitement continues for NHL 23 fans! Today, EA SPORTS announced that Cross-Platform Matchmaking has gone live in NHL® 23, marking the most social gameplay experience in recent years. Long-awaited by fans, Cross-Platform Matchmaking gives players the ability to match up against any opposing team within their console generation and will reduce wait times by increasing the size of player pools in Hockey Ultimate Team and World of Chel.

Cross-Platform Matchmaking is now available for some game modes starting today, with the remaining HUT and WOC modes being updated over the coming days. For the full rollout schedule for Cross-Platform Matchmaking see below:


Starting on these days, players will be able to match across platforms of the same generation, meaning PS4 and Xbox One players can play against each other while PS5 and Xbox X|S players will be able to play against each other. Check out the Cross Platform Matchmaking table below on which platforms you can play with or against:


To learn more about the roll out of this patch and about how Cross-Platform Matchmaking creates a hockey experience that’s greater together, check out the latest blog or FAQ.