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Nov 18, 2022

Take an extended look at The Great War: Western Front in first gameplay video

From Press Release:

Cambridge, UK – 18 November 2022. Frontier Foundry, the games label of Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV), alongside developers Petroglyph (Command & Conquer™: Remastered, Star Wars™: Empire at War), showcased an in depth first-look at gameplay from The Great War: Western Front during the PC Gaming Show last night, introducing players to the role of Theatre Commander and providing an initial overview of the Campaign map. Today, players can experience an extended look, offering even more detail on the decisions they will be called to make as they lead their forces throughout the course of World War 1, in a conflict which will force them to fight for every inch as they seek to relive history, or redefine it.

The Great War: Western Front puts players in a unique ‘dual role’. Not only will they have real-time control of the battlefield as Field Commander, but they will also be able to oversee the overall war effort in the role of Theatre Commander. In the latter, players will manage the Western Front from a grand strategy map view, research new technologies, and bolster the offensive or defensive capabilities of key regions in an effort to turn the tide of the war.

During each turn, players are able to coordinate their forces and prepare for the battles to come. They will also need to weigh up the number of resources committed to every conflict, carefully considering the cost of achieving a major victory, or securing a stalemate. As Theatre Commander, their decisions will directly influence the odds of success when assuming control of the battlefield. Allocating precious assets such as additional supply, artillery, or researched technological advances, from aircraft to tanks, can provide players with opportunities to overwhelm the enemy.

In The Great War: Western Front, victories and losses affect each faction’s National Will, which will decide the outcome of the conflict if it is reduced to zero. Commanders can also attempt to redefine the conclusion of the war by pushing back enemy forces and seizing their headquarters, highly defensive positions that take vast resources to capture but offer the ultimate goal, bringing the war to an immediate end.

Individual regions not only have varying levels of strength, but carry the mark of previous combat encounters, retaining existing trench networks and creating rapidly degrading battlefields which authentically represent WW1. Returning to the battlefield of a previous great victory or defeat, players can use this living, persistent world to their advantage, committing resources to reinforcing key positions and reducing future costs to force an advantage.

The Great War: Western Front is currently available to wishlist on Steam and the Epic Games Store, and will be launching on PC in 2023.

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