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Nov 23, 2022

Skystone Games partners with Thing Trunk to publish HELLCARD in 2023 for PC via Steam

From Press Release:

San Francisco – November 23, 2022 | Skystone Games, a global publisher founded by industry veterans Bill Wang and David Brevik, today announced a partnership with Thing Trunk to publish the studio’s second major release: HELLCARD. Thing Trunk’s first title was 2018’s intensely popular Paperverse-styled ARPG, Book of DemonsHELLCARD will be launching globally on PC via Steam in early 2023.

Sharing the same “Paperverse” as Book of Demons, HELLCARD is a cooperative roguelike deck builder with both single-player and Multiplayer modes. In multiplayer, up to three players take simultaneous turns and use the position of the monsters and teammates to their advantage to conquer the harrowing challenges of the dungeon. Players can also descend into the paper dungeons on their own, recruit computer-controlled companions and take part in fast-paced tactical card battles against the armies of darkness and the Archdemon himself.

What makes HELLCARD unique and different from other card games? In the battles, monster placement actually matters and can be used to your advantage if you’re up to the strategic challenge. Your team of heroes has its own strengths and weaknesses, each with an ever-growing deck of abilities and equipment to use on the battlefield. It will take the hardiest of champions to withstand the evil hordes and defeat the Archdemon.

HELLCARD supports co-op battles with up to three heroes facing Archdemon’s hordes. In single-player mode, you can descend into the dungeons solo or recruit computer-controlled companions. In multiplayer mode, your friends or strangers can help you battle the hordes of hell.

“Skystone’s team is packed with talent and publishing expertise,” said Konstanty Kalicki of Thing Trunk. “Even more importantly though, we understand each other and are surprisingly aligned.  I’m excited to see what Hellcard can become when we join forces!”

“HELLCARD immediately became an addiction for our team,” said Skystone President, David Brevik. “It’s got the same amazing visual style in Book of Demons, with the kind of just-one-more-run gameplay that makes games of the genre so beloved. We’re thrilled that Konstanty and the entire Thing Trunk team are trusting us to help them bring HELLCARD to the masses next year.”

Industry veterans Bill Wang and David Brevik founded Skystone Games on the principle that talent is paramount, and that great gaming experiences can come from anywhere in the world. The company plans to build a diverse and robust portfolio by providing hands-on development support to the teams, leveraging all the best practices learned through decades of industry success.