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Nov 30, 2022

Update 14 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey arrives today with an assault by the Thargoids

From Press Release:

Cambridge, UK – 29 November 2022. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV, ‘Frontier’) released today Update 14 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, which begins the Thargoids’ war against humanity. The Thargoid assault is spearheaded by eight enormous anomalies known as Maelstroms, which are each accompanied by scores of Thargoid ships when an invasion of a system commences. The truth behind what’s inside each Maelstrom – which appear as giant caustic gas clouds when approached in space – is a mystery for commanders to uncover.

Update 14 brings widespread changes to the way Thargoids behave in Elite Dangerous. With new system states that reflect the ongoing progress of this war, commanders can help shape the fate of each system by repelling the Thargoid invaders – both by fighting them head-on in combat, and supporting humanity via less confrontational means. Systems that fall to the Thargoids will undergo visible changes, with star ports and settlements becoming badly damaged or even abandoned.

This moment has been a long time coming. Previously in the ongoing narrative of Elite Dangerous, the controversial figure known as Salvation attempted to activate an anti-xeno weapon called the Proteus Wave against the Thargoids, which backfired and resulted in catastrophic losses. Now, humanity must deal with the dire consequences of this provocation, as locations in the game that players have long considered safe come under intense attack.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 14 also sees the addition of a revamped Thargoid Interceptor known as the Orthrus. Reflecting the changing nature of the Thargoids’ strategy as this event begins, this Interceptor doesn’t behave like existing ships in the game, and its purpose must be revealed in order for humanity to have a chance at stopping the Thargoid onslaught.

All players who own a copy of Elite Dangerous on PC and are playing in Live Mode will have access to the wider narrative experience in Update 14, regardless of whether they own a copy of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available to purchase now on Steam, via the Epic Games Store, or via the Frontier Store. Elite Dangerous is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Epic Games and the Frontier Store.

Note: In order to play Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players must also own a copy of the Elite Dangerous base game.

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