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Dec 01, 2022

Farlanders, the retro turn-based strategy game set on Mars gets a January 17th release date on Steam and new gameplay demo

From Press Release:

San Diego, CA — Publisher, Crytivo, and lead developer, Andriy Bychkovskyi, are proud to announce the release date of January 17, 2023 for the Martian turn-based city builder, Farlanders.

Players can celebrate by experiencing a brand new, free Farlanders demo on Steam.


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Shape the landscape to your colony’s advantage. Place a water drop tile into a canyon and watch the surrounding flat land become fertile. Not enough resources? Create new mineral deposits or simply expand pre-existing ones.

Terraforming tiles have preset shapes, so be careful when configuring where to place them!


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Create a viable habitat for your settlers by building water pumps, establishing farms on fertile ground, harnessing the power of the sun, and mining for precious minerals.

The position of each building will provide additional bonuses based on their placement.


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Utilize terraforming tools to dig underground and uncover new spaces for expansion, discover more artifacts, and harness rare minerals. The more resources you collect, the more your colonists will prosper.

  • 7 campaign missions with narrative tied to the Farlanders: Prologue
  • Competitive freeplay game mode with 2+ scenarios
  • Build your own colony on (and below) the Martian surface using more than 50 different structures
  • Terraform the planet using a variety of tools
  • No 2 maps are ever the same with procedural map generation
  • Dynamic weather changes and anomalies
  • Research tree with more than 30+ technologies
  • Trade with other colonies that will reflect fluctuating market prices and demands
  • Uncover alien artifacts