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Dec 07, 2022

Wylde Flowers Review

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5 Incredible
Retails for: $24.99
We Recommend: $24.99
  • Developer: Studio Drydock
  • Publisher: Studio Drydock
  • Genre: Adventure, Simulation
  • Released: Sep 20, 2022
  • Platform: Windows, Switch, iOS
  • Reviewed: Windows

Wylde Flowers is a very fun game full of fun and interesting characters. Characters that you meet after moving from the big city to this quiet little close-knit town. There are farming, fishing, friendships, and plot twists that your character Tara will experience in this game.

WyldeFlowers review1

You move into your grandmother’s home in Fairhaven to help her with her farm. You can grow different crops on the farm and use the crops for cooking food in the kitchen or an oven. You can also explore the town and meet all the different characters. It is a small town that is easy to get around in. You eventually end up exploring a mysterious wooded area with mysterious flowers, weird trees, and some strange stuff. Stuff that eventually leads back to your grandmother!

It’s not a spoiler to say that you learn your grandmother is a witch and that you, too, are able to use witch magic. You will get to use this magic to help you with your day-to-day tasks and to help those in the town. There are some people who don’t like witches in town, and so by playing the game, you will work on getting them to also like witches by doing good things.

WyldeFlowers review2

I liked how easy it is to move around the town to talk to people and do my different tasks. Even though the town is small, I liked how you can run to get to places quicker. Getting there fast helps since the shops are only open on certain days and hours, which I didn’t like too much. I would try to visit a shop for a task or talk to a character to find out that their shop was closed. As your running around talking to people and doing your tasks like farming, your energy bar will go down. I thought it went down really fast, so I had to carry around a lot of food with me to fill that bar back up. You can cook, as I said before, and I enjoyed doing the cooking, but sometimes I would have to buy some food at the market. You can also do some fishing in the game. You walk up to a body of water, find a fish, bait your line, and toss it out. After that, it’s easy enough; once the fish bites, you reel it in.

You get to meet a lot of fun characters, and they each have their own stories to tell and tasks to give you. The game also has voice acting, which gives these characters even more life, which is great. The game encourages you to go out and talk to everyone, learning how you and your magic can help them and the town. Reach a high enough relationship with them and they may reveal some secrets or expand the town. Secrets like who is part of the coven of witches that your grandmother is a part of!

WyldeFlowers review3

With so much to do in the game, you could spend all day fishing or maybe planting crops to harvest. Maybe you would like to collect every magic spell, or learn more about all the people in Fairhaven. Whatever you want to do in Wylde Flowers, the game has a lot of it for you to do, and I love it; it is so much fun!

Steam code was provided by the publisher for review purposes